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As the pace of life accelerate

Do you have to take sleeping pills for insomnia?

As the pace of life accelerates, insomnia has become a "top priority" for many people. This should have been the moment to go to sleep. Many people turned over and over again, unable to sleep. In order to be able to sleep beautifully, many people will use sleeping pills to help sleep effect. Insomnia, we must eat sleeping pills?

Do you have to take sleeping pills for insomnia?

Insomnia, like fever, itself is not a disease, but a symptom, the important thing is to find the reasons behind insomnia, for the environment, emotions, diet, disease, medicine and other transient insomnia is a physiological response, do not have to be nervous , As long as the elimination of predisposing factors, sleep can be restored to normal, not necessarily taking sleeping pills.

In fact, some patients take sleeping pills to take effect, because of the side effects of drugs, often self-stop, so that recurrence of insomnia symptoms to be re-medication. In fact, the use of sleeping pills to improve sleep, it is best to continue taking a few days, so that the disorder has gradually returned to normal biological clock, and then gradually reduce the dose of sleeping pills, and then stop the drug, or do not want to go.

Side effects of sleeping pills

1, the dependence

Long-term use of sleeping pills sleeping people will have dependence on sleeping pills, the specific symptoms of sleep without sleep pills, a long time may lead to depression.

2, unresponsive

Long-term use of sleeping pills will make memory decline, the reaction becomes dull, older people prone to dementia.

3, convulsions

If sleep on sleeping pills for a long time, once stopped, there will be convulsions or tremors, which is dependent on the human body and habits of the body is particularly bad.

4, abnormal sleep

Sleeping pills can make people quickly fall asleep, but the quality of sleep is not high, nightmares may occur, early awakening, will be very sleepy during the day, the spirit of the physical and not very good.

What to eat good food insomnia

1, hot milk

We often say that having a cup of hot milk before going to sleep at night can help to sleep. Indeed, there are some amino acids and calcium components in the milk that can help calm people's nerves and help to fall asleep as soon as possible. Therefore, a cup of hot milk before going to sleep is necessary.

2, oats

Oats have a strong effect of promoting sleep, a small bowl of oatmeal will help you sleep soundly, eat oatmeal, sooner or later, each cup, but also can play a better effect of promoting sleep Oh!

3, whole wheat bread

Bread can also ease your insomnia, do you believe it? Facts have proved that wholemeal bread can help the body to promote sleep, so insomnia troubled female friends can add a bit of breakfast in the wholemeal bread, or eat a little supper, you can play a very good effect of promoting sleep Oh!

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